Magnet Fishing –This Type of Fishing is Great for the Environment

What is Magnet Fishing? This is a type of fishing where you’re not trying to catch food, you’re trying to catch discarded items.

It makes sense that you wouldn’t becatching actual fish with magnets, but what you can find will be interesting and might tell some stories. Imagine bringing up an item from many years ago that you can show off to your family and friends.

How is Magnet Fishing Great for the Environment?

Because you’re going to use a strong magnet to latch onto and pull up metal objects from the bottom of various waterways which can be great for the environment. We know of many animals that get caught in nets and hurt by foreign objects in their area. Using magnets to remove metal items from the water is a great way to clean up these areas for those animals.

Let’s Make Using Magnets Fun

To successfully use magnets to latch onto metal objects and pull them to the surface, there are severalthings you need to know. Let’s go over some of the most important tips so that you can have fun and help create cleaner water areas for both animals and people to enjoy.

Visit Areas Where People Spend a Lot of Time

You can drop a strong magnet around people and they won’t mind too much. It’s not like you’re sending a hook to the bottom of the water. Areas, where people have spent a lot of time, are the most likely places for you to find metal objects. Remote locations will not be as fruitful and will likely be a waste of your time.

Use Strong Ropes

Depending on what you expect to pull up with your magnet, you need a strong rope to get the job done. Magnet fishing isn’t much fun if the rope breaks and you end up leaving your magnet behind. Check your rope to make sure it’s in good condition and pull up some cool items that have been left behind at the bottom of the lake or river.

Use the Right Magnets

There are specialized magnets that are made for magnet fishing. These itemscan handle weights from 200 to 1,200 pounds. Most people will use magnets that are rated at around 330 pounds because the chances of anything at the bottom of a river or lake being larger than this is quite small. If you’re looking for larger items, youmight need to be ready to dive in and see what your magnet has latched onto.

Use the Right Knots for the Job

You are fishing, even though you aren’t trying to catch fish, and you need a knot that you can depend on. Learn some different fishing knots and drop a line in the water to pull up some cool metal items. Sometimes a fishing knot isn’t the best choice, especially when you have a larger magnet and rope. When this is the case, use a slip knot or a knot that will secure your magnet and not let it loose.

Use Various Techniques for Magnet Fishing

Most people simply stand on a dock and drop the magnet in the water then pull it back up with a short sweep of the area. This is a pretty simple method and might the one you use most, but it’snot the only way to fish for metal. You can set out in a boat with a trolling motor and drag the magnet along the bottom of the lake to see what you find.

Wear Glove that Will Protect Your Hands

You may spend several hours tossing a rope with a magnet on it into the water before you bring anything to the surface. When you do, you won’t know what type of metal or how sharp it will be. You need to protect against rope burns, cuts, scrapes, and punctures. This means you should have a pair of gloves with a Kevlar coating on them to protect your hands while you toss your magnet into the water to find your treasures.

Keep Your Expectations Low

There’s no telling what you’re going to find when you go magnet fishing, but there’s a good chance you’ll go many times and find nothing at all. If you realize this right from the start, you’ll have a better chance of enjoying those days when you do find something. This activity is a great way to get outside and help the environment while you find some interesting items along the way.