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Our Top Picks for A Great Outdoors Vacation

Our Top Picks for A Great Outdoors Vacation

Do you want to head to the great outdoors during your vacation this year? Would you rather spend time in a tent and on a hiking trail?

Is your ideal activity taking your vehicle through the toughest trails you can find? If any or all of these things are true, you should see this list of wonderful places where you can spend your time in the wild areas of the world.

Let Your Adventure Begin at Yosemite National Park

Even though it’s one of the most popular national parks in the country, you’re sure to find the wild areas you want and amazing views that are perfect for your outdoors vacation at Yosemite. There are five waterfalls that are over 1000 feet high, plenty of mountains with snow melting along the top, and amazing hiking trails where you can commune with nature.

Take Your Vacation to Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is the only national park in New England and it covers much of Mount Desert Island. You’ll love the vies and the amazing environment found on this rocky island that juts out into the ocean. Explore the beautiful lakes, thick forest, and see the amazing views that are part of what makes this park one you’re sure to want to visit more than once.

Custer State Park has a Lot to Offer

Located in South Dakota about 40 minutes south of Mount Rushmore, this state park is nestled in the legendary Black Hills. Named for General Custer, you’ll find many family activities and amazing wide open spaces where you can enjoy your outdoors vacation. Buffalo are free to roam this park and enjoy the nature offered. If you bring the family along, check out some of the tours and activities that are sure to keep the kids entertained.

Enjoy the Desert Views in Sedona, Arizona

Not one of the state or national parks on our list, but still a very cool place to go when you want to spend time in the open air, you’ll be glad to see what Sedona has to offer. Here you’ll find several rock formations that give the desert its character. Enjoy the hiking, camping, and mountain biking opportunities as you check out the Devil’s Bridge Trail during your vacation.

Find your Peace at YellowstoneNational Park

Wyoming might not be famous for much, but it is famous for Yellowstone National Park and its many untamed views, impressive landscapes, and hot springs. Enjoy these hot springs which are touted for increasing blood circulation and riding your body of toxins. Many of these springs are too hot for you to do much more than see them, there are two places in this park where you can enjoy the therapeutic feeling of the hot steamy waters.

Spend a Few Days at Mammoth Cave National Park

Located in Kentucky, Mammoth Cave is a sprawling complex of many caves with more than 400 miles of explored caves. Although you’re only allowed in a few of them, you can enjoy camping nearby and visiting the various parts of this cave system that will give you the outdoors vacation you’ve been waiting to enjoy.

You’ll Want to Come Back to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This massive park covers many mountains and straddles the border between North Carolina and Tennessee. There are many waterfalls and mountain trails for you to enjoy along with several incredible camping areas nearby. While this can be part of your outdoor adventure, if you want to commune with the civilized world, several tourist areas are nearby.

Olympic National Park is Calling You

Head to the Pacific Northwest and visit Olympic National Park where you can have a lot of fun in the wilderness. Your outdoors vacation can be amazing with tons of opportunities for fishing, boating, wildlife watching, hiking, and camping in this park. This vast park covers nearly 500,000 acres, which means you can come back several times and never have the same experience or visit the same location twice.

The Grand Canyon Should Certainly be on Your List

Do more than just look over the edge of an observation spot when you visit the Grand Canyon. Turn your time at this amazing location into your wonderful outdoors vacation. There are several trails through the Canyon that you can enjoy along with opportunities to enjoy camping and boating on the Colorado River. This could be the most memorable place for you to enjoy what nature can do and how the landscape can be different.

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