5 States with the Most Wilderness

When you’re looking for a great way to get to nature and leave the world of electronics behind you, you’ll want to head to the wilderness.

One way to make sure you have plenty of access to areas with wild and untamed areas is to head to states that have the most acres of natural areas for you. Whether part of a large state or national park system or simply a wild area, you’ll have a great time in nature.


It should come as no surprise that the state with the most wilderness is Alaska. We know of this state as being one that hasn’t been fully tamed yet. The number of acres covered in natural environments is 57,757,130 which accounts for 52 percent of the state. There’s no way you can visit this state and not find a great way to commune with nature.

When you’re trying to figure out what activities you should enjoy while in Alaska, the typical items come to mind. Fishing and hiking can be a great way for you to enjoy nature and not need to carry a ton of extra gear. If you want to do more, enjoy going down some of the rivers in a canoe or kayak, or bring your hunting equipment along and see if you can get that trophy for your wall.


With the hustle and bustle of life in California, you probably don’t think of this state as having a large number of wilderness acres for you to explore. California is second on the list with 15,348,149 acres of untamed areas which cover 14 percent of the state. This state can amaze you with the opportunities to explore areas where most people never go so that you can enjoy the experience in nature.

California may be known for the many beaches along the coast, but when you head inland, there are impressive mountain ranges where you can go backpacking and hiking. Enjoy walking up to the waterfalls to hear the sounds o the water hitting the rocks below and enjoy the amazing views. You might see some amazing creatures during your time on the trails in the wild areas of California that allow you to feel like you’re connected with nature.


While only four percent of Idaho is still covered in wilderness acreage, that number still equals 4,795,700 acres of untamed area for you to enjoy your time in this state. If you have never thought of exploring Idaho, you may want to consider this state as the right one for you to get out into nature and see what it has to offer. You’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

What might surprise you about your adventures in Idaho is the fact that much of the wild areas are filled with waterways. You can enjoy the falls, the rivers, and the lakes of this impressive state. This means that some of the most popular outdoor activities that take place include rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and sandboarding. There are areas where you can surf, but they are much closer to civilization than you might want to be.


If you’re looking for a different type of wilderness, Arizona is the place to go. This state has many wide-open areas covered in desert roughness to give you a long view and an amazing area to visit. Arizona offers you 4,512,066 acres of untamed and unspoiled area, accounting for 4 percent of the entire state. You’ll love your time in this area and find it to be a completely different adventure than states with forests.

When you want to simply spend time in the desert, you could enjoy the hiking, mountain biking, and river floating activities that you can find. If you want more adventure, you’ll have to start in civilization but you can go whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon, hot-air ballooning, or skydiving over this gorgeous state. Figure out how you want your outdoor adventure to take place and have a lot of fun.


The top western part of the map when you look at the continuous United States is where you’ll find Washington. This state offers you four percent of its entire acreage as wilderness areas. This equals 4,484,466 acres that can be explored and enjoyed when you want to get away from the city and spend time in an area where you can completely unplug and just enjoy the beauty of nature.

When you travel to Washington, you’ll notice there are many mountains and forests for you to explore. This means the most popular choice for an outdoor activity will likely be hiking up the trails to the tops of some of these mountains. Pitch a tent and camp by a river, enjoy the waterfalls coming through the mountain areas, and listen for the wildlife all around you. If you’re lucky, you just might spot some of the creatures that call Washington home.