Amazon Prime’s “Clarkson’s Farm” is a Hilarious Take on Farming

Clarkson’s Farm is a new take on farming with some bumbling antics and foibles that often leave Jeremy Clarkson in a pickle.

Known for his funny style and eloquent car reviews on The Grand Tour and previously on Top Gear, Clarkson is trying his hand at working his farm and nothing seems to go right, even things that truly should go pretty well.

A Show You’re Sure to Love

Do you love animals? Are you a fan of laughing at the pain of others, especially those who are out of their depth? You’re going to love tuning into this show in Amazon Prime Video. You can take a ride with Jeremy and his girlfriend, Lisa Hogan, as they try to take on the world of farming and fail miserably. It’s fun, it’s funny, and it can be the perfect respite from your normal viewing schedule.

The Wrong Equipment

From the trailer to the end of the first season, you see Jeremy Clarkson use the wrong equipment almost every time he tries. Whether you’re all-in after seeing the “too big” Lamborghini tractor he’s driving in the Clarkson’s Farm trailer, or you want to see this large man put himself in a tiny digger that should be bigger, you’re going to love to see the different ways he uses the wrong gear in the show.

Watch as the Sheep Get Away

One of the seemingly easiest tasks on a farm is keeping the farm animals in the area desired. Unfortunately, Clarkson finds a way to chase the sheep over a small wall that is easy enough for them to jump over and get away. While we aren’t sure how many crew members it took to bring back all the sheep, this funny scene will have you rolling.

The Name Says it All

What is the name of Clarkson’s Farm? Appropriately, this farm is named Diddly Squat Farm, and Jeremey has owned it since 2008. He has only begun to be an active participant in farming activities. Why should farming be so hard for the 61-year-old television host? Others have farmed for centuries successfully with less advanced equipment, but none have had the bumbling idiot that can be the owner of this farm.

Kaleb and Lisa to the Rescue

Left to his own devices, there’s a better than good chance that Amazon Prime wouldn’t have had much of a show. It might have simply been Clarkson having a farm accident that starts a fire and burns the place down. Thanks to Kaleb, a local farmer, and Jeremy’s girlfriend Lisa, there are some successes along the way that can be celebrated on the farm.

Farmer of the Year

When watching this new Amazon Prime show, you’ll see Jeremy Clarkson sitting at his desk filling out the application for the Farmer of the Year Award. Thankfully, during this scene, we get an honest glimpse into how he has done over the past year and what farming has done to him. Mostly, it seems, being an active participant in farming has caused him and his girlfriend to drink a lot during the experience.

How Did This Show Come to Be?

While a lot of factors had to come together to create the Clarkson’s Farm show, two factors contributed in a way that you might never expect. First, Clarkson simply got into farming by buying and farm and a tractor. That’s it, nothing else, just bought them and then suddenly he’s a farmer. The second part was the COVID-19 pandemic, which put a halt to The Grand Tour, the car show that travels the world.

The Most Unlikely of Farmers

The show that might not have been is a series that can keep you rolling with laughter. When you tune in you’ll see terrible agricultural weather, disobedient animals, unresponsive crops, and accidents that seem to take center state. While everyone around him tries to help, Jeremy Clarkson certainly has his own ideas of how to do things, even though it’s quite obvious he knows nothing about farming.

More to Come

If you tune in and let Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime Video take you on a joyful ride of hilarious antics, you’ll be glad to know there’s a second season on the way. Another season has been approved and Kaleb will be a big part of guiding Jeremy along the right path but we all know he won’t choose to do things the way farmers should; he will choose his own path and we will watch and laugh as he fumbles and foibles his way to farming disaster.