Top 3 Vans for Van Life Living

When Chris Farley’s motivational speaker SNL character Matt Foley said that he lived in a van down by the river, a new quotable phrase was born. Little did we know that living in a van would actually be a desired and achievable goal.

Outdoor adventure lovers have been living the van life for years, but van life has turned into a new social media trend with decked-out vans set up in beautiful landscapes. Living and/or traveling by van is much different than taking on an RV. On one side, you don’t have to deal with hookups and difficult parking situations. On the other hand, you have to be creative about cooking and personal hygiene.

If you’re thinking about taking some time to enjoy the van life, here are three vans that would be perfect options to jump into this adventurous lifestyle.

The Ford Transit

The Ford Transit has been around since 2014 and is a very affordable option for those looking to hit the road. The Transit cargo van comes in three different lengths and three different roof heights. As a newer edition to the Ford lineup, buying a used Transit isn’t easy. You can expect to spend about $34,510 for an entry-level Transit.

What’s great about the Ford Transit is that it’s cheaper to buy and maintain than many of the other van life options. Since it’s a little narrower than other vans, it’s a little easier to maneuver. You’ll also find that many conversion companies are starting to take on Transit vans, so there should be some pretty amazing enhancements available in the near future.

Top 3 Vans for Van Life Living

The Dodge Promaster

The Dodge Promaster is another wallet-friendly option that comes in various sizes and heights. With its 159” wheelbase, you have enough room to fit a full-size mattress across the width of the van (passenger to driver). Fitting a bed this way means tons of extra space in the rest of the van.

Not only is the Promaster the widest van available, but its front-wheel-drive platform also makes it great for traveling in snowy conditions. It’s not really meant to go off-road, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world.

Top 3 Vans for Van Life Living

The Mercedes Sprinter

The gold standard van life vehicle is the Mercedes Sprinter. This vehicle has been around for ages, so it’s not hard to find a used option in great shape. You might even find some used options that have already been converted into a camper van. Otherwise, you can do the work yourself.

The Sprinter comes in various sizes and can almost match a small RV for space. You can even get one of these vans with a four-wheel drive, making it a great option to hit the dusty trail. As a popular option for van life livers, there are plenty of plans and tutorials on how to deck out this van. The only downside is that you’ll have to spend $35,000 for an entry-level new option and almost $58,000 for the higher-end.

Top 3 Vans for Van Life Living