Should An Outdoorsman Have An SUV or Truck?

If you’re an outdoorsman who takes part in hunting and fishing activities, you might be wondering if a truck or an SUV would fit your lifestyle better. Both vehicles have some pros and cons when it comes to outdoor activities. Let’s take a look.

Pros and Cons of Trucks


Most people buy trucks to be work vehicles, and it’s definitely something they excel at. Trucks are incredibly versatile in that they come in many different layouts, usually offer superior towing ability, and it’s hard to beat the work ethic of a pickup bed. Some pros for buying a truck include:

  • Better towing performance
  • Exterior bed to haul oversize items
  • Bed is easy to clean for messy jobs like hauling harvested animals
  • Tons of options for customization

Even though SUVs and trucks often offer similar powertrains, there are usually a lot more options for customizing a truck. Let’s take a look at some cons of buying a truck.

  • Less maneuverable as a daily driver
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Less seating capacity in some layouts

Pros and Cons of SUVs


Compared to trucks, SUVs are more suited as recreational vehicles and daily drivers. SUVs come in a lot of different sizes and styles. Some are more car-like, while others are more like trucks. Some SUVs can tow a lot, but in general, they can’t compare to trucks in that category. Some pros of SUVs include:

  • More seating capacity
  • Better gas mileage
  • Easier to maneuver than trucks

The average SUV may not get better MPG than the average car, but most of them still get better fuel economy than the average truck. Let’s take a look at some SUV cons.

  • More expensive to insure
  • Full-size truck like SUVs are very expensive
  • Usually less utilitarian than a truck

Truck or SUV: Which Should You Choose?

The pros and cons listed above largely apply to the average example of a truck or SUV. Deciding which vehicle is better for you depends on your situation. For example, a midsize to large SUV is fully capable of towing a decent-sized boat while also providing plenty of room for the family, the dog, and cargo on the inside. However, it’s also true that a crew cab truck can do the same thing while potentially giving you even more towing power.

Probably the main area where SUVs win over trucks is if you want a vehicle that can function as both a daily driver and an outdoor vehicle. By contrast, the main area where trucks win over SUVs is sheer utilitarianism. If you’re a hunter, for example, you most likely won’t be hauling a harvested animal in the back of your SUV. For that, you’ll need a trailer. A truck bed is much easier for hunting situations, both in ease of use and how easy it is to clean out afterward.

In conclusion, if your outdoor activities mostly consist of fishing and recreating with the family, an SUV will probably make things easier. If you’re a hunter or combine hunting and fishing, it’s hard to beat a truck.