Best Road Trips for Fall Colors

The roads carved into the American landscape offers you some of the best roads trips to see the fall colors when they are at their most vibrant and beautiful.

Little more than 150 years ago, a road trip wasn’t something you took for fun, it was mostly to explore new territories. In fact, there weren’t any roads as we know them now, but the potential of cart paths where other settlers had traveled. Today, we can see the amazing colors that come when the leaves turn by simply driving on some of the roads that take us across the country.

Check Out the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia

Georgia is a great place to see the colors of fall that offer amazing scenery and sights that you’ll love when you’re driving on the road. When you start at the Russell Brasstown Scenic Byway in the northern part of Georgia you’ll travel through the mountains along the Chattahoochee River. You’ll find a variety of amazing places to stop and enjoy the views from the side of the road. Enjoy the mountain towns and spend some time in the Tallulah Gorge State Park.

The Smallest State Offers the Fall Colors

It won’t take long for you to drive through Rhode Island during your road trips, but you can see the fall colors that you want to enjoy. This New England state gives you the views you’re after. Begin your journey at the Rail Explorers excursion in Newport and head to Bristol where you’ll see some historic mansions nestled in the backdrop of oranges and yellows of fall. This is a short but worthwhile tour that will take you where you want to go.

Drive Through the Finger Lakes Region in New York

Not only can you see some of the most amazing views when you head to the Finger Lakes Region of New York in the fall, you can visit some amazing wineries and tourist destinations in the area. A Great place to stay in this area is the historic Inns of Aurora where you can take a hike to Taughannock Falls State Park where you’ll see some more amazing views while on foot. This whole area is a scenic backdrop to everything you want to see in the fall.

Route 6 in Pennsylvania Offers Some Incredible Views

The scenery along Route 6 might turn your road trips to see the fall colors into adventures that take much longer than you expected. That’s just fine, this route gives you some amazing ways to see one of the most incredible states in the country. Head through the Elk Country Loop which is a 76-mile route where you could see large elk herds, ending at the Worlds End State Park where you can spend more time in the wilderness at the campground.

Blue Ridge Parkways in North Carolina and Virginia

Its hard to argue with the absolute beauty you’ll find along the Blue Ridge Parkway. This road covers nearly 470 miles and it connects the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Shenandoah National Park. Along the path, you’ll see mountains, valleys, amazing views, picket fences, and old farms that have been around since the early days of the country. You’ll find several hiking trails where you can stop and enjoy some walking views of the mountain scenery.

The Covered Bridges Loop in Connecticut Adds an Extra Element of Beauty

The Covered Bridges Loop offers 100 miles of driving through the northwest corner of the state. This is easily one of the most scenic road trips you can take when you want to see the fall colors. Enjoy the beauty of the colors that serve as the backdrop to the quaint New England towns you’ll find along the way. The Appalachian Trail runs right through the town of Falls Village in Canaan where you’ll see some white trail markers that you can follow for a day hike.

New England’s Historic Trail in Massachusetts Offers More than Just Fall Colors

This one is more of a walking experience than a driving trip, but you’ll see the foliage you want and enjoy the beauty of one of the oldest cities in the country. Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston and check out the 16 historically significant sites. After this, drive to the Berkshires and enjoy the colors offered. The living museum of Old Sturbridge Village is perfect for you to have the fall experience you desire.

See What Autumn Offers along the Southern Pacific Coast in California

The drive along the coast of California can be one of the best road trips you take to see the fall colors and enjoy the views of the area. Highway 101 runs along the coast from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara to give you the views you want to see when you’re driving. There are many amazing places for you to stop and enjoy the area. Make one of your side trips to Solvang which looks a lot like an old Danish town.

Washington Offers the Olympic Peninsula for Some Amazing Views

If you want to see what the Northwestern part of the country has for your fall travel, head to Olympic National Park and see some of the amazing views of the mountains and lush forests. You’ll want to stop along you way and walk along the beaches or visit the lighthouses of the area. There are some cool old towns and waterfront areas where you can see some homes from the Victorian era.

Does the Gulf Coast of Florida Offer Any Fall Colors?

Its not mountains and large trees that you’ll find in Florida, but you can enjoy some of the cool fall views and amazingly seasonable weather in the autumn. One of the best road trips you can take to see the fall colors could be found along this Gulf Coast area. You’ll want to spend time on the beaches in this part of Florida. This trip won’t take you through the mountains, but it does offer you the fall fun you’re looking for.