10 Reasons Why You Should Take up Birdwatching

Birdwatching offers many amazing benefits for you, and it’s a great hobby. Watching our feathered friends can be a lot of fun for someone who loves nature.

Do you need to get up off the couch but you’re not quite ready to compete in an Ironman competition? Are you looking for a great way to get out into nature and enjoy the views and surroundings that are part of what makes the outdoors special? It could be time to start gazing at the birds and learning more about these winged creatures that take flight.

1. Meditation Becomes Easier When Looking at Birds

If you’ve tried peaceful meditation but have a hard time shutting external thoughts from your brand, gazing at the birds could be a great way to reflect and meditate. The goal of meditation and reflection is to become more relaxed and calm. A key way to do this is by gazing at the birds in the woods and focusing on what you see and where you see them. It takes a high level of concentration to look for birds, which also means you won’t have room for external thoughts.

2. You Need an Outdoor Activity, This Is One of Them

It’s really difficult to take up birdwatching from the comfort of your couch. While some people might put up birdfeeders to watch the winged friends that visit these feeding stations, there’s something special about watching the birds out in their natural element. Get outdoors, into the wilderness, and see the various birds that call the forest home. This is a great way to appreciate nature and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. It’s amazing how much healthier your mind and body can be when you spend time outside.

3. This is a hobby You can Enjoy All Year Long

There are some birds that fly south for the winter, which makes southerners happy when looking for some of the migratory birds. Other birds stay put and enjoy the climate and weather, regardless of what Mother Nature brings along. There isn’t a closed season when it comes to gazing at these winged creatures. Different seasons can bring different birds to the area for you to enjoy and watch.

4. Watching Birds is a Low-Energy Hobby

All you need for birdwatching is a pair of binoculars. These will help you see the birds from a distance and help you catalog what you see. You don’t have to run, jump, climb, or sweat to enjoy this activity. You can take a slow stroll through the woods, set up a camp chair as your perch, and start watching for the various birds in the area. For the most part, it’s easy to get where you need to go when you want to see birds take flight or build their nests in the wilderness.

5. This is Great Activity for You and Your Partner or Friend

If you can get another person excited about watching birds, you have someone to discuss what you’ve seen, help identify various birds, and share the joy of seeing some rare creatures in the wild. This activity, while mostly done alone, is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your partner or friends. When you find a common bond, and that bond is watching the birds in your area, you’ll enjoy the way it brings you together.

6. Watching Birds Helps Develop Your Reflexive Responses

The quick and decisive movements you’ll make when birds take flight prove that you can develop and improve your reflexes through birdwatching. The amount of concentration it takes to watch birds while perched and follow them when they take flight is incredible. The swiftness of your reactions shows that your reflexes are healthy and can easily respond when called upon, which is something that we tend to lose as we age.

7. Watching Birds is One of the Most Affordable Hobbies You Can Enjoy

If you love to golf, you pay for green fees and clubs that can be expensive. If you’re a fisherman, some of your adventures to go fishing can get expensive. Watching birds only requires the appropriate clothing for an outdoor hike, a pair of binoculars, and maybe a notebook or two. It’s easy for you to watch birds from just about anywhere, which makes this an activity that doesn’t cost much at all.

8. Most Birds Are Active When We Are

Birds and humans share the world as daytime creatures. There are a few birds that are only active at night, but they are the exception. This means you’ll have the benefits of daylight and your normal routine to enjoy this fun and relaxing activity. You don’t need to stay up all night to see the birds, which is something that must be done for some other nature hobbies. You’ll love watching the winged creatures take flight during the day.

9. You’ll Quickly Learn to Appreciate Nature

Birds require special environments to thrive and survive. Much of this environment is found in nature and gives birds exactly what they need. You’ll learn to appreciate the delicate balance of nature when you realize that some birds can’t survive in some areas because of harmful elements. Of course, you might not need a deep understanding of the balance but you can easily appreciate the sounds, smells, and feel of nature where birds find it most comfortable to spread their wings and fly.

10. This is an Easy Activity to Pass On to The Next Generation

Great athletes and genius scientists have no guarantee that their children possess the same gifts and talents they did. If you love birdwatching, you can teach your children to love it as well. Even kids who stop enjoying this hobby will grow up with an appreciation of nature and want to protect it as best they can because their parents appreciated and enjoyed nature. Pass on this activity to your children or grandchildren to show them how to appreciate the birds and admire these animals that can take flight.

There are many great reasons you should begin to enjoy birdwatching if you don’t already. If you’re looking for a new outdoor hobby, this is one that can easily offer you the active experience that helps you get closer to nature.