OnX Maps – Everything for the Outdoorsman

We use the GPS in our phones to get from one place to another on roads, but Google Maps doesn’t have the wilderness mapped out. OnX Maps does.

You don’t want to get lost in an unfamiliar area, but you also don’t want to be stuck hunting, hiking, or backpacking the same old trails that you’ve known for years. One way to ensure you won’t get stranded and avoid the need for a trail guide, which can be great but is still a stranger in your hiking party, is to use OnX Maps. This app has the wilderness mapped out for you.

Landmarks and terrain at your fingertips

When you’re driving in your car it doesn’t matter if you have inclines and declines; you’ll follow the road wherever it takes you. The same isn’t true in the wilderness. It’s important to understand the terrain, boundaries of private and public land, and to know where you can go during your adventure. There could be some areas where you can’t take your off-road vehicle and others that are wide open to some off-roading fun. These important features are part of this wonderful phone app that can show you where to go.

Are there multiple versions of this app?

The same mapping and terrain markers required for hikers aren’t necessary for those driving off-road vehicles or hunters. Thankfully, the OnX Maps app comes in three different varieties to give you the required information for your journey. This app offers the Offroad version for those taking snowmobiles and off-road vehicles into the wilderness; a hunt version for hunters that need to know the boundaries and safe hunting areas; and a backcountry version for hikers, skiers, and campers that don’t want to stick to a designated campground during their time in the outdoors.

What about areas without cell service?

Even on regular roads, we sometimes lose signal and service; what could happen when you’re in the backcountry? Your trail app is only as good as the serviceoin your phone unless you have an app that allows you to download the necessary maps to ensure you can see what you need and where you’ll want to go. This phone app does that for you and gives you the benefits of always having the route with you. All you’ve got to do is make sure you have enough phone battery to last during your time outside the cell service coverage.

What are some of the key features of OnX Maps?

Land boundaries are clearly marked

Whether you’re trying to learn about property boundaries in your area or you want to know who owns the land next to your favorite hunting spot, you’ll want to use this app. The boundary markers make it easy to plan your hunting or hiking trip and avoid crossing into private property where you could be trespassing.

Mark your spots on the map

You can mark waypoints, tracks, and various shapes on the map to indicate where you have your tree stand, trail cameras, or have set up food plots for animals. This app helps you with easy markings and simple directions that can be saved to your account and map to be used again when you use this app.

Several basemaps for you

The OnX Maps app offers three different types of basemaps to make it simple for you to plan your expedition and have the right spot for your base camp. The three types of basemaps are satellite, terrain, and hybrid. Each one offers a great way to explore the area before you get there. It’s almost like you’re taking a virtual tour before you go hiking or hunting.

Real-time weather updates and forecasts

Unless you like camping and hiking in the rain or snow, you’ll want to know the weather in the area. This not only helps you know what to expect but also what to take along so that you can be prepared for what’s to come. The weather-related information can be invaluable when you’re out in the wilderness.

3D Mapping makes things clear and easy

Using the 3D maps offered in OnX Maps you can easily understand where your target area is and what obstacles you might face along the way. You can scout and plan your route using the 3D features and know that you’ve got everything you need right at your fingertips.

If you love to go outdoors and explore new areas, OnX Maps is a must to stay safe and understand the area.