5 Things You Need for an Overlanding Ford Bronco

If you just purchased a new Ford Bronco from your local Ford dealer and have an itch for adventure, overlanding is a great way to break in your new rig. Overlanding involves self-reliant off-road travel to remote destinations, and the Bronco is the rig to get you into unexplored terrains, the great unknown. While the new Bronco can certainly help you take the path less taken, there are a few key accessories that can turn your overlanding trip into an all-out adventure.

Here are a few accessories you should consider after leaving your local Ford dealer with your new Bronco:

Recovery Kit

No overland build is complete without a recovery kit to get you out of trouble. Ford’s kit includes a winch, straps, shackles, and gloves to extract your Bronco from mud. This setup can even help you tow other vehicles. A solid recovery kit has everything you need to recover another vehicle or get unstuck yourself. Add a winch-ready front bumper to mount it, and you’re ready to go.

If you want a fancier recovery kit and winch options, check out some of the advanced aftermarket options that come with things like Wi-Fi control.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is essential for adjusting your tire pressure on the go. Ford’s compressor plugs into your Bronco and can inflate up to 150 PSI, allowing you to air down for off-road grip or re-inflate for the drive home.

Storage Drawers

Ford’s lockable drawer system keeps gear secure and organized. Two 70-liter drawers hold 200 pounds each, and a table folds out from one. This aftermarket upgrade is a must for overnighters and long-range touring. Keep your eye out on other brands to find larger drawers and more options.

MOLLE Grate System

A MOLLE grate system mounts to your Bronco’s walls and tailgate so you can attach gear pouches and tools. Four MOLLE grates and 10-pound pouches are included in the standard setup, but you can find other options with more grates or larger capacity pouches for mounting extras like jacks, fuel cans, and tents.

Recovery Boards

Bright orange recovery boards from your Ford Dealer or trusted parts shop will provide grip to get unstuck in snow, sand, or mud when traction disappears. They slide under tires, giving them solid ground to create a grip.

The Never-Ending Build


While these five accessories from your Ford Dealer or the aftermarket will get you well on your way to overlanding in your Bronco, the possibilities for customization are endless. Suspension lifts, powertrain upgrades, roof racks, and tents are just a few of the other additions you can consider to build your ultimate overlanding Bronco. The open-air design and solid axles of Ford’s off-road icon provide the perfect foundation for crafting a rig to take you anywhere your sense of adventure may lead.

Learn more about the new Bronco and all of its available accessories at your favorite Ford dealer today.