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7 Products to Stay Cool in the Summer

7 Products to Stay Cool in the Summer

The summer heat can become overbearing, sweltering, and miserable. To enjoy summer activities, these products are meant to help you stay cool in the summer.

Whether you go camping, hiking, climbing, or simply want a great way to stay cooler while watching outdoor summer sports, you need the right products to help you cool down. A cold drink can only go so far; what you want when it’s sweltering hot and the air isn’t moving is a great way to bring the temperatures down or enjoy some shade while outdoors.

Here are seven great items to help you stay cool in the summer.

Battery-Operated Clip-On Mini Fan

Many new parents buy these clip-on fans to keep their babies cooler when out for a walk during the summer months, but they work well for adults as well. If you go camping and take one of these fans along, bring some extra batteries or buy a solar-powered version. The air movement from the fan could be just enough to keep you cooler and help you feel great while sitting at your campsite or fishing by the lake.

Your Furry Friend Needs a Cooling Pad

Will your dog join you for your summer outdoor adventures? If so, you need to provide your four-legged friend with a great way to stay cool in the summer. One of the best items for this is a cooling pad that helps make the area cool for your pet. This item works by absorbing your pet’s body heat with a pressure-activated gel. This cooling sensation might make your fun in the outdoors pleasant for your dog when they go camping or hiking with you.

Cooling and Soothing Face Mask

A good cooling gel mask can be great for your skin and alleviate tension and headaches, but it can also be an excellent way to stay cooler when you’re outside in the heat during the summer. If you take this mask with you while camping, toss it in your cooler for a few hours and apply it to your face when you take a break during the afternoon summer heat. The cooling mask could be exactly what you need.

Portable Air Conditioner Fan

When you need something more powerful than a clip-on fan, a great choice is a portable air conditioner fan. This is an excellent item to cool you off after a hot game in the summer sun or while enjoying a picnic with your family. These units recharge via USB cable and can last up to six hours when fully charged. This could be one of the best ways to stay cool in the summer whether you’re by the pool or at your local campground.

Hydration Backpack

CamelBak is the most popular brand of hydration backpacks, but you can find these items from other brands. Typically, a hydration backpack has a water bladder and a long rubberized straw to make it easy to suck water from the bladder and enjoy it during a run, hike, climb, or while kayaking. These hydration backpacks are excellent for the outdoor adventurer that wants to stay hydrated while in the wilderness. Usually, these items have enough capacity to keep you cool and hydrated for a few hours during hot weather.

Portable Sun Umbrella

It’s much easier to beat the heat of summer when you have some shade to enjoy. A portable sun umbrella that attaches to your chair, backpack, or even your hat can be a great way to provide yourself with some much-needed shade while outdoors. While everyone else is miserable in the sun and heat, you can feel a little cooler while in your own shady little spot. Shade won’t remove all the heat, but at least you’ll get out of the sun for a bit and can enjoy the summer activities from the shade.

Cooling Towel

Some people have mixed feelings about cooling towels, but most of these items work great for some relief when you need to find a way to stay cool in the summer. The Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel is a great choice, retaining water while staying dry to the touch. This allows the towel to offer a cooling effect and give you the feeling you want, whether you’ve been active in the sun or just need to find a way to cool down a little bit.

Could one of these seven items help you stay cool in the summer? Will you take some of them with you during your next outdoor adventure?

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