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Efficient RV Washer and Dryer Solutions for On-the-Go Laundry

Efficient RV Washer and Dryer Solutions for On-the-Go Laundry

How can you do your laundry in an RV? Thankfully, there are many RV washer and dryer combos that work great and get the job done.

Living in an RV means everything needs to be smaller, more compact, and stored away easily. That can be difficult when you need to do laundry on the road. You still need a decent-sized wash tub or dryer drum to handle the challenges of getting your clothes clean. The alternative to taking up space in your RV is an old-school washing board and drying line.

Thankfully, these RV washer and dryer combos take up very little space and allow you to easily get your laundry done.

Equator Digital Pet

This Equator Digital Washer dryer combo provides an excellent solution to your washer and dryer needs. These two are stackable and work great for your laundry. The washer can handle up to 15 pounds of clothes at one time, and the dryer provides 2.6 cubic feet of tumbling for your clothes. There’s a pet setting that eliminates pet fur during the cycle, making it easy to have a clean RV while enjoying your time with your furry friends.

GE Unitized Spacemaker

This laundry pairing looks more like a traditional stacked system for doing laundry. When you’re looking for a good RV washer and dryer combo, and you have a lot of space for your needs, this could be the right choice. The dryer offers 5.9 cubic feet of space to allow you to get your laundry done the right way. The washer features 11 was cycles and can easily handle various fabrics and soils to give you a clean wardrobe when you’re done.

Equator Stackable Laundry Center

If you want to enjoy front-loading for both units, this washer and dryer combination could be the perfect solution to your laundry needs on the road. You’ll find several customizable cycles, a quiet model, and 180-degree swinging doors. Admire the efficiency of these units that allow you to get your clothes clean while out on the road. Forget going down by the river and let this impressive laundry stack get your clothes clean during your outdoor adventures.

LG Washtower

The LG Washtower is one of the best RV washer and dryer combos you can find. This unit provides separate machines for washing and drying but has central controls to keep things smaller and more compact. The washer measures 4.5 cubic feet while the driver delivers 7.4 cubic feet of room for your clothes. You’ll love the way this combination works to get your stuff clean and ready for you to enjoy the day. If you’re looking for a great way to experience the laundry solutions you need, put this LG unit in your RV.

Westland Washer/Dryer Combination

When you need one unit that does it all, this Westland model could be the perfect addition to your RV. The machine offers an 8-gallon capacity to wash or dry your clothes the way you need them to be done. If you aren’t going to need to wash and dry at the same time, this could be the ideal machine for you. It’s compact and fits easily in almost every RV giving you an easy way to get your stuff clean while out on the road.

GE Profile 28-inch Smart

This GE smart system is an amazing option when you want an RV washer and dryer combo in one small machine. The tub provides a 4.8 cubic feet capacity to give you lots of room for a relatively large load of laundry. The washer has 12 wash cycles, and the dyer part features 14 dry cycles. This all-in-one model gets everything done for you and fits in some of the smallest spaces in your RV to give you the functionality and laundry solution you’re looking for.

LG 24-inch Smart

The top-rated combination unit for washing and drying clothes is this LG 24-inch Smart Front Load Washer/Dryer Combo. The 2.4 cubic foot capacity means you can only do smaller loads, but that should be perfectly fine for your clothes. The Washer has 13 options, while the dryer part features eight different cycles and systems. This LG machine can sanitize your clothes, provide a steam refresh to get out wrinkles, and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your RV.

Which of these RV washer and dryer combos is the right choice for you? These machines can make laundry much easier when you’re enjoying a long road trip in your RV.

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