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What RV Has the Best Gas Mileage?

What RV Has the Best Gas Mileage?

Most RVs aren’t considered to be fuel efficient compared to your everyday ride,but an RV with the best gas mileage can stretch your recreational experience.

When gas prices fluctuate, you might not be as inclined to fill up the massive tank of your RV and head out on the road. If you really want to spend time in the outdoors, visiting various campgrounds, choose an RV that doesn’t reduce your fuel mileage as much as other models. The average motorhome returns between eight and 23 miles per gallon, and you want to be closer to the top of that range.

Pull the Happier Camper HC1 for a more efficient ride

In this case the travel trailer isn’t directly responsible for fuel mileage, but it impacts it by being a trailer you tow on the road. The Happier Camper HC1 weighs only 1,100 pounds because it’s made of fiberglass. This makes it one of the lightest travel trailers in the market. You can enjoy the hard sides and impressive space inside that’s used right with the modular storage system that allows you to take all the gear you need.

Enjoy the aerodynamics of the Airstream Basecamp 16

Another travel trailer that doesn’t hit you in the fuel costs too much is the Airstream Basecamp 16. This might not be an RV with the best gas mileage, but it is a lightweight travel trailer that helps maintain your truck’s fuel efficiency as well as it can. The aerodynamics, coupled with the light 2,650-pound weight, make this Airstream an excellent choice. The rear hatch opens to make it easy to store bikes and kayaks inside the trailer for your outdoor adventures.

The roundness of the Venture RV Sonic Lite makes it great

Another way to cut wind resistance and protect the fuel mileage of a pickup truck is with a round travel trailer. The rounded front of the Venture RV Sonic Lite makes it easy to fuel up and know your truck will last a long time before needing gas again. This impressive trailer weights 3,500 pounds and has room for the kids to go along with you. It has a convertible front bed and a set of bunks, which makes it great for at least four people.

Drive the Roadtrek SS Agile wherever you need to go

The Roadtrek SS Agile is built on the shorter Mercedes Springer chassis, but it still gives you everything you need to be your home away from home. This is an RV with the best gas mileage and an impressive diesel engine that makes it easy to enjoy the ride, even if you need to travel a long distance. This RV has a rear sofa that converts into a king-sized be or a pair of twin-sized beds for those who don’t want to sleep together.

Will you enjoy the Winnebago Travato?

One of the most fuel-efficient Class B motorhomes is this Winnebago Travato, which reaches up to 22 mpg under ideal driving conditions. This impressive RV is a great choice when you want to select the floor plan that works great for your family. There’s a swing-arm-mounted table that transforms the front seats and passenger seats into a dinette, which is perfect for your family to have a great place to enjoy your meals on the road.

The Coach House Platinum III 250 could be right for you?

If you’re looking for an RV with the best gas mileage while also enjoying an impressive build, this could be the right one for you. The Coach House Platinum III 250 is built on the Ford Transit 350 chassis and can reach up to 20 mpg under ideal conditions. The aerodynamic shape and one-piece fiberglass body make it an impressive option when you want an efficient way to enjoy your time during your road trip.

Go bigger with the Thor Motor Coach Palazzo 33.5

The Thor Motor Coach Palazzo 33.5 is a large RV that achieves up to 13 mpg on the highway. This RV is built on a Freightliner diesel platform, and it’s packed with luxurious features that make it one of the top choices among new RVs. You won’t give up interior space with this impressive machine that has room for a washer and dryer, bunk beds, and a drop-down cab-over bunk, which means there’s enough room for seven people to sleep inside this RV.

These are just a few of the RVs and travel trailers with the best gas mileage to make your road trips more fun and enjoyable when you take a trip to your favorite places.

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