Classic Trucks for Outdoor Lovers

The F-Series is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast looking into used Ford trucks. While most buyers go for newer models, the 1994 Ford F-250 XLT is an excellent option for classic truck enthusiasts who need both style and capability.

1994 Ford F-250 XLT

It’s been over 75 years since Ford introduced the F-Series, which is why they’re some of the most popular used Ford trucks around. A lot has changed over the line’s long and storied history, with each generation featuring its unique style. The 1994 F-250 belongs to one of the best of them.

What Sets the 1994 F-250 XLT Apart from Other Trucks?

The 1994 Ford F-250 XLT is part of the ninth generation of the F-Series, launched in 1992. These trucks are the last to feature the old body style, earning them the moniker “OBS” trucks because they pre-date the modern, rounded look of today’s F-Series.

OBS trucks are highly sought after by classic pickup enthusiasts, so they can be challenging to find. The 1994 F-250 XLT is no exception, and the most desirable configurations cost more now than they did new.

There’s more to the 1994 F-250 than good looks. The truck was also deeply capable, with some variants able to tow up to 10,000 lbs. That may not sound like much by today’s standards, but it’s quite competitive for a classic truck from that era.

For outdoor enthusiasts wanting to tow their favorite toys, that’s more than enough to work with. Plus, the 1994 Ford F-250 XLT was available with 4WD.

How to Find These Used Ford Trucks on a Budget

Drivers on a budget still have options when purchasing these used Ford trucks primarily because the automaker offered it in many configurations, not all of which remain popular.

The smallest 1994 Ford F-250 XLT engine was a 4.9L V6, while the largest gas engine was a 7.5L V8, with two additional options in between. These models are excellent for routine use, as the Ford F-250 was as rugged then as it is now.

Buyers who want the top-rated 1994 F-250 XLT models tend to go for the RWD pickup with a 7.3L V8 Powerstroke. Not everyone realizes that while Ford always offered a 7.3L diesel engine for the 1994 F-250 XLT, it switched to the Powerstroke halfway through the year. When in doubt, check the badge.

Finding a classic F-250 XLT with the Powerstroke engine on a budget is tough. Buyers generally wind up with project trucks if they don’t have high budgets, but that’s always an option for the mechanically inclined. Otherwise, go for a gas-powered model. It will still be rugged, capable, and powerful.

Where to Find the 1994 Ford F-250 XLT

Since the OSB Ford F-Series trucks have become collectors’ items, they’ve been hard to find. Buyers may still get lucky and find these used Ford trucks at local dealerships, so it’s worth calling around. However, most will have to put in a bit more legwork.

When in doubt, check the online classifieds and brand-specific forums. Someone local may be willing to part with one or a reputable dealer elsewhere in the country who will ship the truck for an extra fee. For those in love with the classic OSB Ford trucks, it’s worth the money.