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Chevrolet Silverado EV vs. Its Gas Counterpart

There’s a new face for the Chevrolet Silverado at your local Chevrolet dealer. The newest Silverado is a powerful electric setup with a fresh design. The EV Silverado looks a bit sleeker than the gas Silverado, and it makes up to 664 horsepower, which is over 200 more than the most powerful gas Silverado. However, it’s not quite as capable as the gas Silverado when it comes to towing and hauling. Read More

5 Things You Need for an Overlanding Ford Bronco

If you just purchased a new Ford Bronco from your local Ford dealer and have an itch for adventure, overlanding is a great way to break in your new rig. Overlanding involves self-reliant off-road travel to remote destinations, and the Bronco is the rig to get you into unexplored terrains, the great unknown. While the new Bronco can certainly help you take the path less taken, there are a few key accessories that can turn your overlanding trip into an all-out adventure.

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Make These 5 Services Part of Your Regular Maintenance Schedule

The last thing you want is your car to give out on you when you’re already out or late for work. But how can you prevent an old vehicle from giving out on you? By never letting it get old! By doing regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your vehicle by months or even years. You’ll need more than an oil change, though – so here are five services that will extend the life of your car.

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