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Escape the Chill: Warm Destinations for Winter Camping

Escape the Chill: Warm Destinations for Winter Camping

When the winter months turn cold, where can you go to enjoy some warm weather in the outdoors? Here are several warm winter camping destinations.

Some people love to brave the cold air and winter crispness while spending time in the snow and sub-zero temperatures. If you’re not one of these people, you’ll want to check out the destinations we offer. Instead of camping at a place where you need extra layers, you can head to some of the warmer climates in the country and enjoy your time outdoors during the winter months.

Here are several great warm winter camping destinations for you to choose from.

Deer Run RV Park – Troy, AL

When your idea of camping doesn’t involve tents but a comfortable RV and all the same amenities of home, you’ll want to head to Deer Run RV Park. This park is located in Troy, AL, and offers amazing spots to park your RV along with some amazing outdoor activities. Enjoy the fun of fishing, hiking, and relaxing outdoors in an area where you won’t need a parka or winter weather gear. This could be the perfect winter getaway for you and your family.

KOA Campgrounds – Tucson, AZ

Get away from the wet and cold of the Northeast and head to the Southwest where a wild and wonderful camping adventure awaits you. Tucson has several KOA campgrounds offering cabins and tent spots to make it easy for you to set up camp and enjoy the area. You’ll have easy access to the city of Tucson, but also enjoy hiking in the Coronado National Forest or exploring the underground caverns of Colossal Cave Mountain Park.

Death Valley National Park – California and Nevada

Although Death Valley is one of the hottest places on the planet during summer, it can be a wonderful and comfortable place to camp when you want to enjoy some warm winter camping. The attractive landscape and moderate temperatures make it a great place to enjoy some wonderful hiking, amazing views, and outdoor relaxation. The Wildrose Campground is located at the foot of Telescope Peak, which is the highest mountain in the park. You’ll love camping in an area that’s truly unbearable during the summer months.

Ocean Grove RV Resort- St. Augustine, FL

When you want to enjoy a beachside escape from the winter blues, head to this RV park in Florida for a wonderful getaway. You’ll be glad to have easy access to St. Augustine Beach and the historic attractions of the nation’s oldest city. The mild temperatures of Florida in the winter make this a great place to go when you want to enjoy activities that are available all year. Spend your days outdoors along the coast and your nights in the pool or hot tub where you can unwind and truly relax.

KOA Campgrounds – New Orleans, LA

Stay at one of the many KOA campgrounds around New Orleans and enjoy access to a city filled with culture and music. You can hike through cemeteries filled with mystery and intrigue, head to the swamps to enjoy the sights and wildlife present, or take some walking tours of the French Quarter or other areas of New Orleans. The outdoor adventure you’re looking for can take you to many cool areas around the historic city while you enjoy your warm winter camping experience.

Big Bend Ranch State Park – Texas

This incredible state park offers tons of great camping opportunities right on the incredible Rio Grande River, which borders the US and Mexico. Bring your mountain bike or rent one while you’re here and enjoy the fun and adventures offered on the dusty trails. Big Bend Ranch State Park is an excellent way to get away from the cold winter of the north and enjoy the warmth you’ve been searching for. The night sky views are absolutely breathtaking, making it easy to enjoy falling asleep under the stars.

Ebenezer Park – Rock Hill, SC

Avoid the cold weather with some warm winter camping in South Carolina at one of the most popular campgrounds in the United States. This campground is located on the banks of Lake Wylie in Rock Hill. You’ll enjoy a serene and welcoming atmosphere along with well-maintained facilities and lots of things to do. This is a great place to enjoy fishing, boating, hiking, and other water activities throughout the year.

Which of these amazing destinations will be the place for you to go and enjoy some warm winter camping? When it’s time to thaw out from the winter cold, head south to one of these great campgrounds.

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