Top 5 Places for your Winter Outdoor Getaway

Have you been looking forward to when the holidays are over, and you can prepare for your winter outdoor getaway? If so, that time is now.

Some of the fun of getting out of town and away on a winter vacation is spending time in the snow and on the trails in an area that brings a winter wonderland to your doorstep. After your cheeks are rosy enough and your mittens are covered in snow, you can return to the warm comfort of your cabin, whether it be next to a lake or part of a popular ski lodge.

Here are five amazing destinations for your winter fun.

Head to Big Sky, Montana, for some incredible winter fun

Montana has snow, winter temperatures, and ice much longer than most other areas of the country. Big Sky is home to some amazing ski lodges where you can enjoy the fun of going down the mountainside as you improve your skills and enjoy the outdoor fun of winter. Of course, there’s a lot more to do in this area than ride down a slope with a pair of skis attached to your feet.

While in Big Sky, you can truly enjoy a winter outdoor getaway by participating in some dogsledding, snowmobiling, or horseback riding. When you want an incredible place to enjoy dinner, you should experience the Sleigh Ride Dinner at Lone Mountain Ranch, where you’ll be transported by horse-drawn carriage to a remote cabin for an amazing meal. Your winter vacation awaits you in this amazing area in Montana, where you’ll find tons of fun things to do while the winter snow is still on the ground.

Asheville, North Carolina, offers more winter fun than you might expect

Forget the North Carolina that’s along the coast and head to the western part of the state, which is nestled in the mountains. Asheville is one of the most incredible winter destinations in the United States. This has become one of the most popular locations to visit, with tons of amazing things to do. If you want to enjoy some fun in the outdoor areas, the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains offer several hiking trails to explore.

In addition to being a great place for some winter hiking, Asheville is home to some amazing skiing and sledding locations. The Smoky Mountains are nearby, where you can see tumbling waterfalls and some snow-covered meadows. Of course, if you want to experience the highlight of the area during your winter outdoor getaway, you’ll want to visit Biltmore Estate and admire a real American castle. Spend your days outdoors in the amazing landscape and head indoors at night, where you can sit by a fire and sip some delicious wine.

Check out the Grand Teton National Park near Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you’re looking for a wild, undisturbed area of the country to visit during winter, head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is the closest city to the Grand Teton National Park, where you can admire the incredible mountains and some isolated scenery that will take you back to a time that has passed us by. While once a sleepy town in Wyoming, Jackson Hole has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area.

You can certainly enjoy the Grand Teton Mountains and the natural landscape, but you’ll also want to experience the fun of skiing and other winter outdoor activities during your getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Jackson Hole isn’t as touristy as Aspen or Lake Tahoe, but that’s a good thing. You’ll admire the beauty of the area while still enjoying some evenings of entertainment at art and performance venues in the area. There’s a lot to do in this incredible town located in Wyoming. Are you ready for some amazing winter fun?

Head to Palm Springs, California, for some winter golfing fun

Just because you want to be outdoors doesn’t mean you have to be miserable or in the woods. Of course, if you head to Palm Springs for some golf fun during the winter, your ball might end up in the woods, but that’s more on you than the many amazing courses in the area. This charming desert city brings you some mild winter temperatures, making it easy to enjoy a wonderful experience in a location where you won’t need your winter coat.

Palm Springs, California, has been one of the most popular vacation destinations for many years. You’ll find tons of restaurants, boutiques, hotels, resorts, and shops for everyone in your family to enjoy the winter outdoor getaway from the normal experiences of home. If you do want a real winter environment, take a ride on the Palm Spring Aerial Tramway that takes you up into the mountains, where the snow-covered peaks are waiting for you. Of course, if you want to enjoy a desert environment, head to Joshua Tree National Park, where you’ll find the rock formations and cacti you want to see.

Enjoy a more affordable winter vacation in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado

There’s no denying the perfect environment that makes Colorado one of the most amazing places to visit in the winter. This state is located in the Rocky Mountains, with many areas high above sea level and covered in snow all year long. The areas of Vail and Beaver Creek aren’t the best-known ski locations in the world, but they are pretty amazing, with some world-class slopes for you to enjoy the fun of riding down the snow on a pair of skis.

The towns of Vail and Beaver Creek are only about 30 minutes apart, offering two different ski towns where you can spend your time and enjoy the winter wonderland lifestyle. By day, your winter outdoor getaway to Colorado will find you on the slopes, but at night, you’ll find the amazing nightlife and shopping of Vail or the wonderful family-oriented scene offered in Beaver Creek. There are tons of ski lodges and resorts for you and your family to enjoy in this wonderful area.

Will your winter outdoor getaway include some time at a mountain resort where you’ll ski by day and sit by a fire at night, or will you head somewhere warm? It’s your vacation; find the right way to enjoy the wonders of winter.